Hanzo Aarhus is looking for help with the dishes!

The popular asian branch of Madklubben, Hanzo, has taken Copenhagen by storm and is now ready to make Aarhus fall in love with Asian food all over again. At Hanzo, we serve favorite dishes from all over the Asian continent and wrap up the food experience in an atmospheric setting, where food, drink, light, sound, scents and colors flow together in one sensory experience. At Hanzo, the ceiling is high in both the literal and figurative sense.

We are looking for a positive and efficient person, who can help us clean the dishes. A great service is never coincidental, and all the little joints and details matter. The guests expect top clean crockery - and that's why you are an important part of the team!

Who are you?

  • You are fast on your hands and feet
  • You are good at organizing
  • You do not compromise on cleanliness
  • You can communicate in Danish and / or English
  • You are used to feeling busy
  • You will go the extra mile to ensure an experience beyond the expectations of all our guests

We provide a thorough introduction to Madklubben, good pay conditions, flexibility spiced with structure, and not least the opportunity to visit our other restaurants with a good staff discount.

Application deadline:

We read applications regularly and fill the role if the right one shows up. Therefore, do not hesitate to send your application away.

Start-up: at opening in start / mid-October

Do you have questions about the position?

Contact Gastronomic Manager Peter Madsen at peter@madklubben.dk

Om Madklubben

Madklubben er én stor familie af restauranter i København, Aarhus, Odense og Esbjerg. Lige siden vi åbnede vores første restaurant i 2007 har vi haft en målsætning om at gøre restaurantbesøget tilgængeligt for flere i Danmark. Med mere end 1.200.000 gæster om året er vi godt på vej. Vi beskæftiger omkring ca. 1.000 mennesker fordelt på 30+ restauranter, og vi har ambitioner om mere. Derfor er vi altid på udlig efter talentfulde personligheder, der har lyst til at blive en del af klubben. Måske det er dig?

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