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At Seasight Davits we always strive to have the best team, therefore we welcome unsolicited applications.

Apply via the "Apply" button, fill in the fields and attach your application, CV and other relevant documents. We read all applications and will contact you, when/if a relevant position is vacant.

Why work at Seasight Davits?
It is our ongoing mission to set the highest standard and keep offering our customers the best cranes and lifting solutions on the market. 

Seasight Davits has a team of qualified and highly skilled technicians to perform commissioning, service and repair work. We also handle the designing and engineering of the davit cranes and therefore pride ourselves of being the inventor and product developer.

At Seasight Davits, our flexibility is one of our strengths as it gives us the opportunity to customize our products and services. And due to our flexibility, we easily turn thoughts into actions which is why we are always ready with technical guidance and support as well as sales quotations and service agreements.

Accordingly we employ people with skills within many different areas, e.g. engineering, product design & development, sales, technical support, service and spare parts.

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Frejasvej 4
6950 Ringkøbing

Alex Kristensen, CCO

+45 2598 0630

Annette Agerbo, HR

+45 2467 1928