TRIMIT Group is the ERP supplier and sparring partner of choice for textile, furniture and industrial companies. The TRIMIT solution is a complete standard solution tailored to the needs of each industry based on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Around 10,000 users already use TRIMIT to generate more revenue with fewer resources. At its core, TRIMIT solves the main challenges with of having products with multiple variants and configuration options: How to maintain information on many products without having to deal with every one of them individually.

TRIMIT Group comprises great people in a passionate organization with a unique culture. We are an international team of more than 120 highly specialized employees in Denmark, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. We represent the world we live in and celebrate our diversity of backgrounds and cultures.

TRIMIT Group is a growing organization with a strong focus on international growth. In view of this, more resources are now needed for the company's HR team. At TRIMIT Group in Viborg, we are looking for a versatile and trustworthy

Human Relations Coordinator

People come before systems

Would you like to join an innovative tech company in an advising and supporting role, with opportunities to contribute to the development and maintenance of the company's HR? As a Human Relations Coordinator at TRIMIT Group, you will engage with a wide array of HR disciplines with both operational and tactical responsibilities. You will be part of a highly attractive company with shared pride in its core product, where a healthy working environment and employee community are high priorities. As Human Relations Coordinator, you will cooperate with talented mid-level management team that will support you with input and feedback, and you will work very closely with the company's Group HR Director, Marleen Schuurman, whom you will also refer to.

You will have an exciting and dynamic workday, as well as general responsibility for our employees' well-being and job satisfaction. As a part of Group HR you will be joining the culture bearers for a healthy and happy working environment. As Human Relations Coordinator you will be a part of Group HR and are passionate about improving the processes of the operational, day-to-day, responsibilities in our operation. As a member of the Group HR-team, you will have frequent sparring, intervision and alignment moments with the international Group HR Director.

The areas and tasks you will be responsible for include the following: 

  • You will be responsible for maintaining people-related procedures and policies, as well as maintaining HR targets, systems and reporting
  • You will be responsible for benefits, compensation and employee development programs for the company’s employees
  • You will participate in HR projects across borders to improve the company's international brand, including its Employer Branding
  • You will possibly, together with other stakeholders, visit external events and school/universities
  • You will continuously contribute positively to the implementation and maintenance of a positive company culture across both departmental and national borders
  • You will prepare, plan and facilitate a smooth onboarding process, as well as coordinate with interdepartmental teams to make a great first impression on the company's new employees
  • You will be responsible for providing empathetic and dedicated HR support in relation to illnesses and absences, employee behaviour and skill development needs and more in close collaboration with Group Director of Human Relations
  • You will be an important part member of the organization’s Group HR-team

To be successful in this position, you will ideally have a few years of experience from a similar position where you have gained experience with HR disciplines – however TRIMIT Group is also open to a relatively newly graduated yet structured and ambitious person. Regardless, it is crucial that you are accustomed to working with people and enjoy the dynamic that greatly characterize the everyday life in an HR-role. It is considered an advantage if you have your work experience from a company with a knowledge- and advisement-focused culture combined with strong social relationships, such as an IT, advertising or communications company.  

You must also be fluent in English and Danish, as you will report to the Group HR Director, Marleen Schuurman, who is based in the Netherlands. Consequently, there will be a small amount of travel associated with the position—however, only short trips within Europe. You are also expected to be open to visiting the company's offices in Kolding and Copenhagen on a regular basis. 

In terms of personal qualities, you have a welcoming and trustworthy nature combined with a problem-solving and practice-orientated approach to your work. You have strong communication skills, and you actively leverage empathy and diplomacy to target your communication style and create a conversational space characterized by confidentiality and care. You are very much a team player, with excellent trust-building skills and the ability to lean into TRIMIT Group's principle that people come before systems. You are outgoing with a positive attitude towards others, and you have a strong cultural understanding in working contexts. 

Are you the new Human Relations Coordinator for TRIMIT Group in Viborg? If so, don't delay—upload your application and CV. For additional information about the position, please contact Thomas Bech at Sensu A/S by calling +45 22 89 89 76. You can read more about TRIMIT Group here:


We encourage you to apply as soon as possible, as we process applications on an ongoing basis. 



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