ERIK arkitekter A/S, Viborg

Kirstine Østrup

Kirstine Østrup

Animation internship

Internship at local architecture firm in Viborg

At ERIK Arkitekter we have a lot of stories to tell. About our history, our buildings, and the people whose lives evolve inside and around them. Therefore, we offer an animation internship for the fall of 2024. 

We offer a creative workspace with people who work in architecture, construction, sociology, and communication. We have a low key and social workspace with a flat company structure. 

As an intern with ERIK arkitekter we will explore your wishes and learning goals together, so you will get an internship with a lot of experiences and clear goals. 

If you would like to learn more about ERIK arkitekter and see our office in Viborg at the old restored powerplant you can contact Kirstine Østrup at kms@erik.dk or 6068 2117 and we will have a coffee.

At ERIK Arkitekter Vest we have offices in Viborg, Aalborg and Aarhus and therefore have colleagues across Jutland. 

If you speak Danish, it would be preferred.

Søg stillingen

ERIK er en specialiseret og partnerejet arkitektvirksomhed med rødder tilbage til 1930 og 170 ansatte baseret i Aalborg, Aarhus, København, Odense og Viborg.