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Actimo - a leading Communications & Management App

Actimo is a management app which empowers managers, enabling them to lead and communicate effectively with large groups of mobile-first employees in multiple locations.   

Existing leadership communication platforms, like e-mail and SMS, fail to create attention and commitment. Actimo, on the other hand, provides managers with instant insight into employee performance, engagement and understanding as well as statistical analysis of data results.  

Among our fast-growing customer portfolio, companies like Vodafone, HSBC Bank, Danske Bank and Bosch already joined the Actimo community to realise their full potential. In 2017 and beyond, Actimo will venture further down the path towards becoming the preferred mobile dialogue partner across all major European and global markets.

Job Description

With reference to the CTO. Actimo is seeking an extremely competent JavaScript Developer who can combine the art of design, with the discipline of programming, to create elegant and smart solutions.

Responsibilities will include implementing visual elements and thereby secure easy user interactions. You will work with both front- and back-end web developers to build all client-side logic. You will bridge the gap between the visual elements and the server-side infrastructure, taking an active role on both sides. This is a challenging position for the person with strong software development skills, and an amazing opportunity to shape the future of our platform, as you’ll define how the application looks and functions. 

Benefits and Perks:  

At Actimo, we ask a lot from our team members, but we also give a lot back by offering:

  • A competitive base salary, plus share/stock options.
  • A bunch of cool benefits (pension, private insurance and more)
  • The chance to work with an amazing team of talented, committed and goal-oriented people.
  • Flexible working hours and a very good work-life balance.
  • An informal but intensely professional environment where good ideas and effort is rewarded.
  • Travel possibilities to our new Barcelona based tech team
  • Annual 2 week work-trip to exotic places. Silicon Valley in 2016, South Africa in 2017
  • More cool stuff like annual company Summer and Christmas party, annual company trip somewhere exotic, monthly friday bar, strong focus on individual development ect.
  • That amazing feeling that comes from building something unique and making a difference!


  • Front end development from A-Z on the Actimo core platform ensuring the best possible customer experience
  • Scoping and building the frontend in order to secure a fast and smooth user experience
  • Maintaining the platform and at the same time challenge/enhance the existing set-up
  • Develop and implement new user-facing features
  • Build reusable code and libraries for future use
  • Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs
  • Optimize applications for maximum speed and scalability
  • Optimizing project flows by collaborate with other team members and partners
  • Take charge of the frontend part of the full stack and contribute to an agile and efficient development team

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • You have a Computer Science or equivalent degree, if you are self-taught you must have a proven track record of using data structures and algorithms to optimize for computational
  • 4 years+ of work experiences with front-end development with relevant tools and methods to create superior solutions.
  • Strong understanding of JavaScript, its quirks, and workarounds
  • Strong understanding of HTML and CSS (experience with pre-processors like Sass or Less is a plus)
  • Extensive experience with front end frameworks like Angular 1 and 2, ReactJS, or others is a must
  • Good understanding of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, and AJAX
  • Extensive experience with building usability
  • Proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around such issues
  • Familiarity with front-end build tools, such as Grunt, Gulp.js or Webpack.
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git
  • Good understanding of browser rendering behaviour and performance

Preferred Personal Profile

At Actimo we have a strong commitment to our four core values: Engaging, Easy, Effective and Fast. Identifying with these values and seeing them as an integral part of technology is essential. Colleagues perceive you as engaging in what you do; you are easy to communicate with; you are effective and get things done on time and finally; you understand that speed is a necessity in most business interactions.

To succeed in this role, great team spirit is pivotal. Most likely, you are already the go-to guy in your area of expertise as well as a person who other people trust. You understand the importance of your own contribution as well as what makes the team successful.

Founded in 2012, Actimo is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. There are currently 30 of us, hailing from countries all over the globe. English is our company language. We are financially solid and on the verge of expanding into global markets. We love to have fun when we work, and our team is bustling with energy and keen on getting new colleagues on board. So, if you find the challenge interesting, do click the button below and join us for an amazing journey.

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